Our Story

How we founded Yora Settlements

The Pizza Restaurant

It all started with a crazy idea between three uni students outside a pizza restaurant in the heart of Western Sydney.

It was the first semester of Computer Science for all of us. Soon after we became friends we went down to our local pizza place after class and the topic of 'what would happen if we start a tech company together?' popped up.

And so what happened there was our first ever annual meeting! Although it was never documented, we all agreed that making a software development company with a headline product would be a fun endeavour.

Picking the Name

Every time we talk about our company, everyone always asks "What inspired the name?", and every time we respond with "It's just something meaningless that we came up with, and it just stuck".

Also it didn't have many search results on the web, so that's a bonus.

It took us maybe about 30 or so suggestions from all of us and 3 meetings until we finally nailed it down to 'Yora Settlements'

3 Years in the Making

It took us about 3 years struggling through university, work, government, lawyers, banks and not to mention tipping in our own cash just to get this thing off the ground.

We had our first prototype working around early 2021 which was a rudimentary website built by us just to show it off and get people chatting about it. But it was anything but flash.

By late 2021 to early 2022 we had a working web app ready to go after striking a deal with a very good friend and talented web developer, we could finally go public!

Where to now?

Through developing this product, we were able to develop a large network of talent. Friends, associates and everyday people who are really good at what they do.

So instead of abandoning them, we thought we'd bring them along for the ride. So the team decided to create Yora Technologies, a tech company that specialises in custom, tailored software solutions on a contract-basis.

Marcus has always said from the begining of this project that his dream is being able to orchestrate and work with a dynamic, vibrant team of software developers working on ideas that are yet to be a reality. And we think we are just about there!

25/05/2022 - Made with love by

Matthew Jones

Marcus Belcastro

Marco Grimaldi