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Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that uses blockchain technology or cryptography to facilitate the transfer of the asset.

In simple terms, it's practically digital gold that doesn't need a middleman (like a bank) to be sent from person to person.

Bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency to exist and after its creation, many more cryptocurrencies were made. Every cryptocurrency is made using open source code, this means that anyone can read how it works and also ensure it is secure.

Different cryptocurrencies do different things and have different purposes. For example, Ethereum (ETH) allows for special cryptocurrencies called tokens to be created on its blockchain!

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Yora's cryptocurrency exchange services currently only charges a 0.5% fee on every trade (except for your first) and charges withdrawal fees on a currency-by-currency basis.

Yora DOES NOT charge account-keeping or deposit fees.

After submitting, it may take a few days to verify your documentation.

If your verification was unsuccessful, you will have to re-submit your documentation.

For the fastest verification, you should ensure you follow all the guidelines on the identity verification page and ensure all text captured is legible and unobstructed.

Make sure your identity documents match your account details, otherwise we cannot confirm your identity.