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Yora Logos

The official logos of Yora Settlements, used for marketing materials, and products

Yora Logo

Yora Logo With Text

Yora Logo

Yora Logo Without Text

Yora Logo

Yora Logo Dark Mode

Yora Colours

The official colours of Yora Settlements, these colours are used in the Yora Settlements logo and in various products and marketing materials

Yora Green

Hex: #137547

R: 0 G: 140 B: 84

Yora Green Accented

Hex: #2AA24F

R: 42 G: 162 B: 79

Yora Yellow

Hex: #FCDE16

R: 252 G: 222 B: 22

Yora Grey

Hex: #151D20

R: 51 G: 56 B: 67


How you can get in touch with us

Any requests for media relations, use of the marketing assets displayed on this page, permission of use for commercial purposes or any further queries should be directed to info@yora.tech


The terms of using these documents

The use of these assets are for non-commerical uses only and are wholly owned by Yora Settlements (MAXCOIN PTY LTD). Any commerical use will require explicit written permission by Yora Settlements (MAXCOIN PTY LTD). More information can be found below in the Terms and Conditions document. Terms And Conditions